Our Values

Sustainability and diversity are the core of the brand's ethos and manifesto. We dream of a place with less stigma and more empathy for our planet, people and animals. 

Since launched, we have been focusing on eliminating our waste and carbon footprint across all stages of our operation, from design to production. The brand is based on utilizing fairly-paid local craftsmanship and high-quality sustainable materials to create universal pieces with the lowest environmental impact possible. We support slow-fashion practices and all our pieces are made-to-order in-house. By only making garments that already have an owner, we are able to minimize our fabric waste, excessive manufacturing and surplus stock, but also build more intimate relationships with our suppliers. 


We celebrate diversity by proposing gender neutral garments that are all equally tailored to apply to every-body.

The Founder 

The NP Studio was founded by Nikos Petrou, an Athens-based Greek designer. With a background in finance and management, Nikos studied fashion design in Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion, from where he graduated in 2018, and has since been training on sustainability in fashion with LCF and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Est. December 2020

The founder of The NP Studio