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Gender-Neutral Clothing Ethically Made

The NP Studio is a contemporary fashion label specializing in sustainable streetwear. Mixing urbanism with nature, we create high-end pieces that are kind to our planet, people & animals. We are passionate about sustainability and dreaming of a better future for our amazing planet.

Eco-friendly materials

For us, it all starts with sourcing high-quality , sustainable and vegan fabrics. We always try to be as transparent as possible and provide a full material profile for each garment in our shop, so that you know what your clothes are made of.

Our main collection Genesis is crafted from high-quality sustainable fabrics like Tanboocel-Bamboo, Supima Cotton and Dead Stock. Our limited edition collection is also crafted from sustainable materials, such as Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, PBAT & PLA.



Tanboocel-Bamboo fiber is 100% made of bamboo pulp and is known for its strong durability, high stability and tenacity. As a natural cellulose fiber, it is totally biodegradable in soil and the decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to our planet.


Unlike conventional viscose, Tanboocel-Bamboo fiber has plenty of natural functions such as breathability, high moisture absorption and quick drying, anti-bacteria, deodorization and bacteriostatic.

It is validated by the Japan Textile Inspection Association that, even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fiber fabric still possesses excellent anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic functions.

According to industry’s tests, garments made from this fiber remain 1-2 degrees lower than that of conventional fibers in warm weather.

Supima Cotton

Supima cotton is a superior type of cotton grown in the USA. It represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world.

What makes Supima unique to other cottons is the extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention.

Products made with Supima cotton ensure that you are buying a premium product that will last for years to come. With its indulgently soft touch, natural resilency and rich deep color, Supima cotton is a luxury fiber that improves the quality and life of your product.

Additionally to its durability and premium properties, Supima cotton is farmed using state-of-the-art technology and processes.

From GPS navigation used on tractors to plant and harvest the cotton, to satellite technology and soil monitors, Supima farmers ensure they are growing the best quality cotton in the world with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Dead Stock

Most of the dead stock fabrics are usually sold to local markets without knowing what happens afterwards. Many are known to get dumped, landfilled or incinerated.

Our fabric suppliers have initiatives to share their high-quality leftover fabrics in a scalable and profitable way, in order to promote circular economy. And we are more than happy to be a part of this and support them.

Quick Facts:

  • 85% of textiles end up in a landfill where 95% of them can be recycled.

  • The clothing and textile industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world.

You can find all our pieces in our shop with their full sustainability profiles here .

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