Eco-Friendly Materials

It all starts with sourcing high-quality, sustainable and vegan fabrics. Our eco-conscious range includes: Regen, Tanboocel-Bamboo, Supima Cotton, Organic Cotton and Dead Stock.

Low Impact Production

All our items at The NP Studio are made-to-order, in an effort to eliminate unnecessary waste and carbon footprint. Additionally, this allows us to keep our production locally and have full control over quality, ensuring our garments will last you a very long time.

High-quality Craftsmanship

Details matter. Our pieces are hand-crafted and made to last for a long time. The inside of a garment is equally important to its outside.

Gender-neutral Design Philosophy

We love making garments that are functional and universal. Our design philosophy is totally gender-neutral and is equally tailored to apply to every-body. Self-expression is what inspires us and we believe it also guides our community.