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We love making garments that are functional and universal. Our design philosophy is 100% gender inclusive and our pieces are all equally tailored to apply to every-body. We don't believe in very distinct womenswear versus menswear collections, as we don't believe in style with boundaries . Self-expression is what inspires us and we believe it also guides our community.


We believe in quality over quantity. All our pieces are handcrafted and designed to be functional, and durable. The inside of our garments is equally important to the outside.

We have initiatives to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, who we pay fairly and treat with respect. No sweatshops are involved in the manufacturing of our garments. 


As a slow-fashion brand, we are committed to developing our operation in the most sustainable way possible, for all: our planet, our customers and us. We have thus created a hybrid production model: handmade-to-order and made-on-demand.


1. Core Collections (handmade-to-order):

All items in our core collections are handmade-to-order in our own studio in Athens, and take between 1-3 weeks to make.


2. Limited Edition Collections (made-on-demand):

All items in our limited edition collections are partly manufactured in small scale in Europe and then finished on demand within 2-8 working days.

By only making garments that have an owner, we are able to keep our production in-house and low-impact, utilize local artisanship and pay fair wages, minimize our leftover stock, fabric waste, excessive energy consumption and consequently our overall carbon footprint. Besides, keeping our production local allows us have better control over quality, and create more durable and sustainable garments for our customers.


It all starts with sourcing high-quality, alternative textiles that are: biodegradable, vegan, less water intensive, pesticide-free, recycled, up-cycled, or reused.   

These include: Tanboocel-bamboo, Supima cotton, Organic cotton, Recycled polyester, Recycled nylon, rPET textiles (made from recycled plastic bottles) and reclaimed Deadstock, which would otherwise end up in landfills due to excessive manufacturing or leftovers.

For packaging we use biodegradable mailers and recycled & recyclable boxes.