With elastic waistband and drawstring they can easily be adjusted to the body and are super comfortable to wear. 


A unique character has been given to them through the hand-painted print in tones of white and charcoal, transforming them into a wearable art canvas with all its natural irregularities.


In their version here, they are crafted in 100% Tanboocel-Bamboo, which is super soft and has an excellent draping quality on the body, strong durability, plus it is naturally bacteriostatic and anti-UV.


Details featuring side seam pockets and 2 back patch pockets in contrast finish. 


Wear the look: with our Painted Boxy Shirt - Sand.


(Production time: 1-2 weeks)

Painted Bamboo Shorts -Sand

216,00 €Price
    • 100% Tanboocel-Bamboo
    • Hand-painted
    • Elastic waistband with drawstring 
    • Bacteriostatic and Anti-UV
    • Side seam pockets
    • Back patch pockets 
    • Biodegradable in soil